5 Tips for Getting Cheap Tickets for New York Broadway Shows

The Broadway shows which take place in New York City are some of the best shows in the entire world. These are fun to watch and very entertaining. You can certainly look forward to going to one of these shows if you want to spend some quality time with your mates or family. But off late, huge ticket prices have made it harder for those who love theatre to go and watch their favorite shows. Though the situation seems to be too dire, but it is not the case still. There are many ways to get discounts off the tickets, and in this article, we have mentioned some of the best tips for getting some cheap tickets to the NYC Broadway shows.


Head to TKTS

The Theatre Development Fund’s TKTS booth is a sure shot way to obtain tickets for the Broadway shows at the best prices in the town. All the biggest Broadway hits are on sale at TKTS and you can get huge discounts, almost as much as 50% off on your tickets. Moreover, to see if the show you want to watch is available or not you can just download the TKTS app or head straight to their website and all the information will be provided easily. So just go to TKTS NYC shows and get some great prices for your tickets.

Shop Online

By shopping for tickets online, you can come across a lot of great deals which are very difficult to get at any other ticket counter. There are some great websites and apps such as the Headout.com, which lets you know about the best gigs in town and cheapest tickets you can get, and too, a week in advance for you to plan accordingly. Another website namely the NYtix does the same job and hence you can easily get cheap tickets for the shows you love from the comfort of your homes.

Become a Member

Most theatres which host these great Broadway shows offer memberships as well to regular visitors. With membership comes some great deals and offers which are great in value. For a membership which is around $30 for most theatres, you can get much cheaper tickets along with some other compliments like front seats and some drinks as well. This is surely a great way to get some cheap tickets and enjoy the shows in a comfortable manner.

Rush to the Theatres or Play the Lottery

Most theatres offer rush tickets for many of their popular Broadway shows. All you need to do is rush to the theatre as soon as it opens the tickets on sale and grab one for yourself at the cheapest price. Also, some theatres sell tickets on lottery system on some of their shoes if it’s gaining large popularity. So you can go and play the lottery and who knows, if the luck is with you, then you might have to pay less than even half the price to get your tickets. Try it, as it is worth a shot.

Try Resale

The practice of buying tickets and selling them for a higher price, known as scalping, is completely legal off late. Though a time consuming and a difficult way, but if you are looking forward to save some bucks, then it is a great way. All you need to do is get more tickets than you require at the normal price, and then sell the extra ones at more price. This would indirectly lead to a discount on your existing tickets and you can go and a show of your own with them.

The Last Words

So here we have seen some great ways through which one can get the tickets for their favorite New York City Broadway shows for much cheaper prices than the usual rates. Although the most popular way amongst the masses is to visit TKTS NYC shows, but there are some other amazing ways as well. You just need to follow these and hence save some money on your tickets in an age when ticket prices are soaring at high rates, and hence make it easier for yourself to watch and enjoy your favorite Broadway shows.