The Nepal photography tour has been carefully crafted to give you a well versed introduction into photography as well as an exotic location

If you’re tired of the boring old holiday tours and are in need of something different, something extra, then we have just the package for you. The Nepal photography tour has been carefully crafted to give you a well versed introduction into photography as well as an exotic location at which to practice these new found skills. Did we mention the best part of the Nepal photography tour, the guide?It’s not some photographer picked out at random who will be leading the tour and giving you your instruction into this fascinating pastime. No. on the Nepal photography tour, you would be in contact with a guide who has had years of experience in the field and who has garnered quite a name for themselves. Learning photography from them is one thing, but having them along when you are putting these techniques into use is quite another. The details one will encounter by having them along on the Nepal photography tour is spectacular. It really is not something that can be learned from textbooks but only from years in the field. Having them right there will enable you to have a first-hand guide on how to use the elements to get good pictures or how to manipulate the camera into getting extraordinary shots. You will come away from the Nepal photography tour as a savant with terms like exposure, lighting and angles becoming a vital part of your vocabulary.


On the Nepal photography tour, you will be visiting places like Kathmandu, Chitwan and even a trip to Mount Everest. Sightings of the Bengal tiger are numerous along with countless encounters with religiously significant sites. It certainly will be a highlight of any travel experience. But how exactly does one get onto the Nepal photography tour. This really is an important part of the equation. The trip will have to be booked months in advance if you have any hope of reserving a spot. Due to the massive photographic interest in the country, wannabe photographers clamour to get on board. Even those with an adequate photography knowledge want to be a part of an adventure if an acclaimed photographer is attached to it. Groups are maxed to around 10 people. In many cases this number is lessened. This then allows for even more quality time with the tour guide. The Nepal photography tour is an excellent way to have this opportunity without breaking the bank. The packages are crafted to be affordable to everyday folk. The only problem would be getting on board, so stay connected with a reputable tour company and get your name on a list to be contacted for future trips to this amazing country. Even better would be to remain loyal to just one holiday tour company, so not only will you get first dibs but also great discounts on future trips. Holiday and photography tours have really made it possible for travel to far off destinations such as Nepal to become a reality for ordinary people.