Chile provides birders with an extraordinary amount of birding

Chile provides birders with an extraordinary amount of birding. The positioning of the country is such that it makes for a logistical dream. In just 2 weeks, tour groups are able to travel the full length of Chile, whilst spending a fair amount of time in each region. The Chile birding tour further maximizes this to allow for even more scope of birding. The Chile birding tour, like all birding tours is a combination of holiday and birding. The advantage of booking into a tour will be that the tour company will organize all of the details required of such a trip. You would simply go along for the ride. Start by booking into the Chile birding tour. This will have to be done months in advance if you hope to get a spot on a tour. You will also be responsible for organizing your own flight into Chile and more specifically the entry and start city of Santiago.


The tour itself is pretty much standard as other birding tours, tweaked a bit for the Chilean elements. You will first be allowed to meet the rest of the tour group. On the Chile birding tour, this number is kept to around 6 participants which gives each member a good amount of time with the tour guide and also ensures that there is minimum disturbance out in the field. Regulations to be adhered to for the remainder of the tour are then laid out. You would be spending a lot of time out in the wild. There will be hundreds of species of birds that you will come into contact with. Conservation rules must be applied for their wellbeing. Unfortunately, wild animals are also a possibility to come across on the Chile birding tour. Tour guides are well versed on how to handle this situation and keep the group safe. It will provide an opportunity to witness animals such as pumas and deer in their natural habitat. Photography has become a huge part of the Chile birding tour.

If this is something that delights you, then book into a Chile birding tour which has a focus on camera work. This is where an additional guide will come along to cater specifically for this. The Chile birding tour will be a holiday of sorts. You will get to enjoy a few of the sighs that Chile is famed for along the way and even have a few fun outings, but the bulk of your time will be spent birding. If birding is not your thing, then the Chile birding tour will not be something that provides much interest for you. If you are an avid birder, then the tour will be an eye opening experience. Even for advanced birders, Chile holds a treasure chest of species and habitats. There is always something new to discover. The Chile birding tour ensures that the itinerary is such that you will have time to enjoy all of the little nuggets of birding in the country, seeing well over 200 species of birds.